Servant of Two Masters

By Head-Royce School (other events)

4 Dates Through Mar 23, 2019

The Fine Arts Deparment presents an updated recipe for the classic Italian comedy by Carlo Goldoni...

Sylvio and Clarice are engaged -- or, they thought they were, until a mysterious stranger shows up and claims to be Federigo Rasponi, Clarice's believed-to-be-dead prior fiance (you following?).  But could this mysterious stranger actually be someone else in disguise?  And when another stranger arrives -- the man suspected of killing Federigo Rasponi -- a man who is hunting for his own missing fiancee, things get more complicated still.  On top of that, one servant stumbles into the position of trying to serve both mysterious strangers...  Can the servant succeed without being found out?  Will Sylvio win back his Clarice?  Is Federigo Rasponi still alive?

All these questions and confusions -- and many more -- are the ingredients for Carlo Goldoni's Servant of Two Masters.  Our version offers a new recipe for Goldoni's classic, and features new material from two alumni, contributions from the cast, and a ladle-full of audience participation as well.  Could this be the most delicious play you'll see this year?  Can you untangle the knotty plot?  Will the questions ever end?